About Me

I like to read about an individual’s journey or path they have ventured. I’m often inspired though humbled, by people’s stories and achievements. That’s why I’ve written my own writing journey. It’s interesting how others have followed their hearts and overcome obstacles, just like the characters I enjoy reading and writing about. My story whilst unique, is not particularly significant but, some may be inspired which, for me is reason enough to give it.

Writers Forum - Writing Room

Writers Forum – Writing Room

In my late teens, inspired by reading Jilly Cooper and BC (before children), I began a novel. God knows what happened to that! AC (after children), whilst in hospital after an operation, my mum bought me Cosmopolitan Magazine and the writing articles re-ignited further attempts with writing but busy with the three children and working, there was little energy left. To help my writing, I graduated with the OU achieving BSc (Hons), majoring in Psychology but included literature.

Both disciplines gave me an insight and confidence to help my writing but children were becoming adults and in supporting them to build their futures it gave me more strength and belief that I could build my own. I began writing my novel but, it wasn’t until 2011, when my mother had been going through treatment for Breast Cancer that it made me realise that you never know what’s around the corner. Yes, a cliché I know but, it drove me to get my arse into gear!

Karen Aldous

Karen Aldous – Author

In January 2012, I went on-line and joined the Romantic Novelist Associations New Writers Scheme, which I’d thoroughly recommend and, a day later, joined a lovely local writing class called ‘The Write Place.’ Both these groups provided me not only with encouragement and support, and, of course their expertise, but the social network writers need. The New Writer’s Scheme offers a critique service for its members, which is invaluable because an expert is reading your work and guiding you through ways to improve your novel. What more could a novel writer want?

Later that year, I attended the Festival of Romance in Bedford where I had a meeting with an editor who had previously read my first chapters. She asked me to send in more which I did and in 2013, CarinaUK/Harper Collins offered me a two-book contract. I then received another two book contract in. 2014.

As for the friends and support I’ve gained along the way, we meet weekly and have guest authors, agents and attend RNA events in London and around the country meeting lots of published authors, publishers and agents as well as those waiting to be published. We also stay in touch daily through social networking online. So I hope those who like to write have gained some insight into my real world and those who love to read will engage in my fiction world knowing more about me. Now what about you. I’d love to hear your stories whether writing or reading. Tell me about you on my blog or visit my facebook page  KarenAldous


Love and warmest wishes

Karen xx