Five Ladies Go Skiing (2

Five Ladies Go Skiing

My latest novel is now out there but I’m not sure how my lovely loyal readers will receive it! You see, I’ve gone off piste with this one. Excuse the pun. But rather than the story focusing on a young romance, my main character is older. In fact all five characters are older women. They are a group of friends who have been close for years, and although romance is still at its heart,  I wanted to celebrate the other side of that happy ever after; the issues of later life, after the children have flown the nest and when two people return to being a couple. There’s much I haven’t covered, like coping with aging parents, but I’ve tried to explore an array of issues modern women encounter, particularly the fact that they can still be fit and healthy and unlike their mothers and grandmothers, less accepting of their lot. The main focus of the novel therefore is how crucial their friends become in later life to enrich their lives and add love and support. It’s an uplifting read.

La Tzoumaz

La Tzoumaz

Inspired not only by my love of the snow-covered Alps and skiing but of course my beautiful, loving friends. Like I said, all my novels so far have evolved around romance and family dynamics so I thought it was time to experiment with some of the other relationships that are a major part of our lives – friendships. Naturally, I’ve steered away from divulging anything about my real friends’ personal lives, but I’m sure they will recognise snippets of themselves on the ski-slopes and the après ski scene we’ve enjoyed. We’ve had so much fun over the years on and off the piste!

Five Ladies Go Skiing

Five Ladies Go Skiing

None of us started skiing from an early age, but we’ve had a wonderful time learning as adults and found its something all our children have taken to and created some of the best family holidays as well  friends. Pushing ourselves to learn a new skill has been one of the most challenging, but also one of the best experiences. I can’t pretend it wasn’t hard work and it helps to get your fitness up before you go, but along the way, there are so many things you learn about each other as friends too. In one of my friends, one that had been skiing a few years more, I found a new realm of faith and trust. Just one example is when she offered me her time and patience when I was gaining confidence not only as a first-time skier, but, since -  safely taking me and showing me around some of the most challenging slopes in Europe and of course, some of the most amazing mountain restaurants and après ski Europe has to offer.

Her generosity and skill took my own skiing to level to do the something similar for others including our other friends and wider family. And I can say, hand on heart, skiing has enriched my life so much, that even now at a ripe age of 21 and a bit (ha ha) I still love and enjoy skiing with my children and small grandchildren, who even at the age of five, whizz ahead of me! One of the many joys of being an older woman is being a gran.

So this story in particular may appeal to older readers who can identify with the characters more. It’s a risk for me as an author with a younger, wider readership, but I believe friends are a subject worth celebrating and I hope it’s still a fun read for any age.

 Five Ladies Go Skiing

In ebook and paperback

Five ladies, one unforgettable trip…

Escape to gorgeous Switzerland this winter with the brand new, uplifting read from Karen Aldous.

When Ginny Watts’ husband passes away, she is left grief-stricken, not only over her husband’s death but the secrets he has left behind…

Luckily for Ginny, she has four wonderful friends – Lou, Cathy, Angie and Kim – poised to whisk her away on a ladies’ skiing holiday to beautiful La Tzoumaz, Switzerland.

While all of them appear to have their lives together from the outside, little do the ladies know that every single one of them is fighting a secret battle.

As the trip unfolds, they realise that fears of tumbling down the slopes after too much après-ski fun is the least of their worries and all is not what it seems…

A novel of love, loss and friendship, perfect for fans of Jules Wake, Erica James and Cathy Kelly.

Available in ebook 5th Nov 2018  – Paperback 13th Dec 2018:








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